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Connectbase Cloverleaf

Connectbase Partnership Creates Partnership and Revenue Opportunities for Cloverleaf Networks

Connectbase, the marketplace for connectivity, has partnered with Cloverleaf Networks, a provider of customized networking and data solutions for business clients nationwide. As a member of Connectbase’s SaaS platform for connectivity buyers and sellers, The Connected World, Cloverleaf has gained visibility and access to partners and functionality that has cut its quoting time by nearly 90 percent.

With details on more than 1.8 billion locations in 150 countries, The Connect World platform is a game changer for Cloverleaf according to the company’s Founder and CEO, Joe Faherty. The platform allows the company to identify, manage and quote ideal provider partners quickly and easily, saving time and hassle. 

“Cloverleaf Networks might just be one of the best pure use cases we’ve seen for The Connected World,” said Ben Edmond, Founder and CEO of Connectbase. “The manual process of sourcing and procuring network to service multiple locations in a single geographic area is challenging, really challenging. To do so for multiple locations across the globe is overwhelming at best – and simply impossible in some cases. But that’s exactly what Cloverleaf is doing. And now they’re doing it with the speed and accuracy their customers’ increasing demand requires.

It’s automated, accurate and provides new opportunities to work with providers they maybe didn’t even know existed. The ecosystem is built by partners like Cloverleaf and we’re proud to have them as a partner.”

Learn more about Connectbase by visiting connectbase.com and following the company on LinkedIn.

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