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Connectbase Launches “Monumental Shift” in NearNet Analysis

Connectbase is rolling out another product update for customers! The Connected World platform, Connectbase’s SaaS offering for the connectivity community, can now perform frequent, real-time, automated, Right of Way NearNet analysis – the process of identifying serviceable locations within a short distance from a fiber route.

NearNet analysis has traditionally been a manual, time-consuming and expensive process. This update ensures that Connectbase clients can accomplish it in an automated, efficient, highly accurate and cost-effective way. 

“Our NearNet analysis identifies nearby opportunities where our partners can sell to and grow their on-net footprint,” comments Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder at Connectbase. “This process allows our Connected World users to strategically choose where to build for the best possible ROI, empowering them to scale with a plan. And those opportunities grow as the network grows. Putting that ability directly in our customers’ hands allows them to understand and act on the opportunities that are right under their noses – in minutes, not days or weeks. It also provides an informed roadmap for network growth and future opportunities.”

For more details, read the full announcement here. Be sure to follow Connectbase on LinkedIn to keep up with the latest, including updates from the team’s recent Customer Summit and the company’s latest explainer video.

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