MTA joins Connectbase platform to reach new markets and partners

Connectbase Becomes Partner to Alaskan Tech Leader MTA to Expand Presence in the Marketplace

Connectbase, the marketplace for connectivity, welcomes MTA, Alaska’s best choice for technology and communications as the newest member of The Connected World Platform.

Using The Connected World, Connectbase’s SaaS platform for connectivity buyers and sellers, MTA has a wealth of location-based intelligence and opportunities stemming from the 1.8 billion location profiles across 150 countries. This partnership enables MTA and Connectbase to improve diversity and survivability of connections between Alaska and the 48 continental states.

“With our partnership underway, each member of The Connected World ecosystem now will be linked to MTA’s robust network, including its one-of-a-kind all-terrestrial fiber network to the Lower 48,” said Ben Edmond, Founder and CEO of Connectbase. “The ecosystem is built by partners like MTA, and we’re proud to say that our ongoing and new partnerships improve connectivity around the world.”

Learn more about Connectbase by visiting connectbase.com and following the company on LinkedIn.

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