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Confluence Debuts First Ever Subsea Cable Linking Major U.S. East Coast CLS 

The subsea industry is on a meteoric rise with the global market for submarine fiber optic cable and systems running in the billions of dollars, as noted by SubCable World’s Submarine Fiber Optics Cable Market in 2020 report.

Carrying about 90% of the data traffic across the world, subsea cables have become increasingly important to OTT and communication providers, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. All in all, subsea cables are so vital to today’s economies.

Subsea Game Changer

Confluence Networks just announced the financing for the first-ever subsea cable deployed down the U.S. east coast, stretching from New York to Miami with several stops in between at key points in Virginia Beach and Jacksonville, along with a new strategic node in Myrtle Beach, SC. Financial partner, MasTec will help fund this unique subsea system. 

Confluence-1 will be engineered to meet the needs of OTTs, carriers, financial institutions, hyperscalers, gaming and other organizations that require high capacity, reliable low-latency connectivity. This subsea cable offers an alternative to terrestrial connectivity down the congested I-95 corridor. 

“We are delighted to play a significant role in this important new development as now is the perfect time to focus on true redundancy. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Confluence Networks, and to the future developments that will ensue as we deepen our involvement in the global communications community.” – Jose Mas, MasTec’s Chief Executive Officer

“We are fortunate to have MasTec as a partner in this enterprise, and excited to be working with them in realization of Confluence-1. We see Confluence-1 as an opportunity to make a game-changing addition to both the U.S. domestic network and the intercontinental network on the East Coast, and look toward many more such opportunities as the global network evolves.”  – Paul Scott, CEO of Confluence Networks 

Other benefits of Confluence-1 subsea cable include:

  • High resiliency
  • High capacity 
  • Less vulnerability due to outages, interruptions or natural disaster 
  • Interconnection of cables routes within the Americas and between the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia

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For more information on Confluence-1 subsea cable and to read the full announcement visit: www.confluencenetworks.net


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