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Concerts on the Edge: 5G is Changing and Personalizing the Concert Experience

Technology advancements in edge connectivity and 5G speeds fundamentally alter how musical performances are experienced at concert venues and in virtual spaces.

Effects such as smoke machines, immersive screens, and holograms are joined by real-time musician collaborations, personalized audio options, and even improved venue navigation and contactless ticketing. These developments enable a uniquely personal concert experience for each individual at the venue, and allow musicians to perform together even if they are not in the same physical location. Gaming platforms, including Fortnite and Minecraft, can bring their users large-scale interactive virtual concerts with their favorite performers.

Growing concert uses have the potential to push the limits of 5G networks since they rely on the high-reliability, low-latency side of the 5G triangle. These advancements are only possible due to rich and robust carrier ecosystems made possible by companies like 1623 Farnam.

You can learn more about these exciting advancements and future opportunities for live and virtual entertainment by visiting 1623 Farnam’s recent article, ‘The Future of Live Concerts: Redefining the 5G Edge’ article that was featured on Telecom Ramblings.


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