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Cologix Expands Microsoft Collaboration in Canada – Adds 4th Azure ExpressRoute Onramp in Montreal

Cologix is growing its partnership with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, the second largest cloud service provider in the world.

The company announced today the addition of a fourth Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute onramp in Montreal, Canada and additional capacity at an existing ExpressRoute onramp at its TOR1 digital edge data center in Toronto with speeds up to 100 Gbps.

“We are happy to expand our collaboration with Microsoft in major markets across Canada,” said Chris Heinrich, Chief Revenue Officer at Cologix, North America’s leading network-neutral interconnection and hyperscale edge data center company. “This continued growth gives our customers greater access to the private connections, optimized speed and reliability of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, one of the largest cloud service providers in the world.”

The latest expansion adds an Azure ExpressRoute onramp at Cologix’s MTL7 digital edge data center located in downtown Montréal. This facility is connected to Montréal’s primary carrier hotel in Cologix’s MTL3 digital edge data center via high-count dark fiber and to 10 additional Cologix Montréal data centers across the metro area. Additionally, capacity has been increased at the current Azure ExpressRoute onramp at Cologix’s TOR1 digital edge data center at 151 Front Street in Toronto, Canada’s largest carrier hotel.

Sudha Mahajan, Partner, Product Management at Microsoft said the company is pleased to partner with Cologix to deliver services to end users at the digital edge. “In today’s world of multicloud strategies, we understand the importance of empowering businesses with rapid data access and portability. We’re glad to be continuing that momentum with quality interconnectivity providers like Cologix.”

Cologix now has ExpressRoute onramps, which support private connections to Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365, at four data centers located in Montréal, Vancouver and Toronto. In addition to the new and expanded onramps in Montréal and Toronto, Cologix has existing ExpressRoute onramps at a second Montréal site, its MTL3 digital edge data center, and at its VAN1 digital edge data center located in Vancouver’s primary carrier hotel.

Customers can access Azure ExpressRoute through Cologix Access Marketplace for fast, secure, on-demand and software-enabled interconnection. The easy-to-use interconnection product enables customers to automatically connect with cloud, carrier and other providers in the company’s vast ecosystem. Cologix Access Marketplace is growing rapidly to showcase the company’s portfolio of interconnection partners, including more than 700 networks, 350 cloud providers and 30 North American onramps that make up Cologix’s robust ecosystem.

“By expanding the Cologix interconnection ecosystem with high-speed, private hyperscale providers like Microsoft, we’re giving our customers a strategic advantage as they continue to build and scale their cloud infrastructures at the digital edge,” said Heinrich. “It’s another example of how Cologix continues to enhance interconnection options for our customers around the world.”

Read the complete announcement here.

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