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Colo Atl and American Tower Partner with Rural Solutions to Offer Interconnection in Rural Tennessee

Businesses and residents in parts of rural Tennessee will have access to more reliable internet connectivity thanks to an agreement between Colo Atl, American Tower and Rural Solutions. Colo Atl – a subsidiary of American Tower and Rural Solutions, LLC, dba Progressive Broadband, entered into an agreement for secured colocation space and interconnection. Rural Solutions will make use of Colo Atl’s data center at 55 Marietta Street in Atlanta and leased tower space with American Tower at a site near Rural Solutions’ offices in Cumberland County, Tennessee.

Businesses and residents in Crossville, the county seat of Cumberland County, have among the lowest access to broadband internet in Tennessee. Rural Solutions was founded in 2019 to serve the area with modern, reliable internet connectivity. Colo Atl’s premium data center and interconnection services allow Rural Solutions to securely and conveniently cross connect, with no monthly recurring fees, between tenants within the Meet-Me-Area (MMA).

“We are gaining ground quickly in our venture to improve internet connectivity in Cumberland County. Starting with a fixed wireless and hybrid fiber deployment approach, we are excited to partner with Colo Atl and American Tower, as they help us to attain optimal connectivity solutions and enable more widespread internet access in this area. With the combined fixed wireless and fiber transport solutions offered by American Tower and Colo Atl, we are able to attain our goals and even scale beyond internet access as we grow,” said David Williams, President of Rural Solutions. 

“Together, Colo Atl and American Tower bring to the market a unique offering for our existing and prospective tenants. More and more of them are eager to learn about the synergies between Colo Atl and American Tower and the optimal connectivity solutions we can offer. We are excited to help Rural Solutions meet their goal of expanding internet access to residents and businesses across Cumberland County with this combined wireless connectivity solution,” said John Ghirardelli, General Manager for Colo Atl.

Throughout 2020 and beyond, Rural Solutions plans to expand with American Tower and Colo Atl and colocate on additional towers, with circuits from the towers directed back to Colo Atl.  

To read the full announcement and learn more about Colo Atl, click here

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