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Colo Atl Agreement Enables Stronger Internet Service for Rural Georgia

Colo Atl and Royston, Georgia-based Paladin Wireless have entered into an agreement that will provide stronger high-speed internet services to rural communities across Georgia. Colo Atl is a carrier-neutral colocation, data center and interconnection facility. Colo Atl’s proximity to Paladin’s network allows the wireless internet services provider to conveniently cross connect, which will help them strengthen services for existing customers and begin offering services in Oglethorpe County.

High-Speed Internet in Rural America

Creating opportunities for rural communities to access reliable high-speed internet has been a concern nationwide. A 2018 study by the Pew Research Center found that nearly half of adults living in rural parts of the U.S. said  access to high-speed internet is a problem. In Georgia, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that roughly 1.6 million residents across the state didn’t have access to fast internet connections in 2019.

By entering into an agreement with Colo Atl, Paladin Wireless can increase the number of rural Georgians with access to reliable internet by moving forward with plans to expand its network and offer services to more rural communities. Access to fast, reliable internet gives residents a greater ability to conduct business online, access online educational programs, participate in telehealth visits and more.

“I look at the internet as the conduit for opportunity, and where there is no internet there is no opportunity. Our rural communities have little to no choice when it comes to the internet and its residents are being left behind. This is a community problem I feel that the community should fix, and that is where we come in. Colo Atl helps us with our mission to empower rural communities by giving them a way forward. Our proven solution not only fixes the internet, but it provides revenue back to the county and gives the community a measure of local control over the services provided.” – Stephen Fortmann, CEO for Paladin Wireless.

“Our interconnected ecosystem, coupled with exceptional customer service all within our top-notch facility in downtown Atlanta attracted Paladin Wireless to Colo Atl. We offer no monthly recurring fees between tenants within the Meet-Me-Area, which helps them with their mission of providing cost-effective connectivity solutions to rural Georgia residents. We’re proud to welcome them to the Colo Atl family and help them take reliable internet services to more residents across the state.” – John Ghirardelli, General Manager for Colo Atl.

Colo Atl’s affiliation with American Tower, a leading independent owner, operator and developer of wireless and broadcast communication towers, will provide Paladin Wireless with further capabilities to create stronger connections for its customers.

To learn more about Colo Atl, visit www.coloatl.com.

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