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Cloudnexion Now Helping Customers Source American Tower Edge Data Center Infrastructure

American Tower and Cloudnexion are now working together to help business IT leaders access crucial information about edge infrastructure. Cloudnexion is a global technology and telecommunications firm that helps its customers source and procure telecom infrastructure. Cloudnexion users can now use the Cloudnexion Marketplace to find detailed information on American Tower’s six Edge Data Centers in Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Boulder, Colorado; Denver, Colorado; Jacksonville, Florida; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

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“Edge computing is only becoming more critical in today’s cloud-based environment. Milliseconds matter in order for many applications in the modern IT ecosystem to run properly, be it real-time apps or enterprise applications. Working with a leading service provider, such as American Tower, and an expert advisory partner that understands the edge, like Cloudnexion, is sure to make your edge deployment successful.” – Jake Cummins, Founder and CEO of Cloudnexion.

With the rise of IoT devices and the proliferation of 5G driving demand for distributed data centers, the need for edge facilities is increasing. The inclusion of American Tower Edge Data Centers on the Cloudnexion Marketplace will help users make informed decisions about their network needs. 

American Tower has a portfolio of communications sites that are ideal for edge infrastructure. It’s most recent tenant-ready site launched in October in Austin

To learn more about American Tower Edge Data Centers, visit americantower.com/us/edgedata

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