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Cloud Communications in a Post-Covid World

Q Advisors’ Dmitry Netis tapped for expertise on cloud native adoption and how it will spur consolidation in the market

Connectivity Business recently tapped the expertise of Q Advisors’ new Managing Director of Business Development, Dmitry Netis. Netis provided insight on the accelerated shift to cloud native technologies caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. With more remote work and virtual learning, a shift in the digital landscape was forced into warp speed. 

“I do believe there’ll be long lasting repercussions from this pandemic on how people operate – how they work from home or how they potentially can be more productive by doing things with more tools in their possession that they did not have before,” Netis said. “New use cases are being discovered as new productivity components are also coming together.”

In turn, Netis says that will change the business landscape in the cloud communications market. Read the entire article from Connectivity Business here. And learn more about Q Advisors at www.qllc.com.


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