Cityside Fiber Lights First Customers and Connects Communities in Orange County

The launch of Cityside Fiber’s new fiber-optic internet service in parts of Tustin, Dana Point, with expansions underway in Lake Forest and North Tustin, is big news for Orange County. As the company continues rapidly expanding its high-speed fiber network across the region, more communities will gain access to the fastest and most reliable internet connections available. Beyond the obvious benefits of blazing fast speeds for residents, Cityside’s significant investment in fiber infrastructure has exciting implications for future economic growth and opportunity countywide.

With speeds up to 5 Gigabits per second enabled by fiber, the areas covered by Cityside Fiber will have a huge leg up when attracting businesses and jobs. Companies across industries increasingly rely on fast, stable internet connections to power their operations. Access to fiber allows more organizations to locate offices and facilities in Orange County, bringing skilled jobs and tax revenue. It also empowers local entrepreneurs and remote workers who require bandwidth-heavy applications. Even traditional Main Street businesses like restaurants and shops can benefit from fiber with innovations like video menus, virtual waiting areas and integrated online ordering.

As Cityside Fiber continues its rapid expansion throughout 2024, its 100% fiber network promises to future-proof more Orange County neighborhoods. With impressive speeds and nearly unlimited bandwidth capacity, fiber internet can support bandwidth-hungry next-generation technologies like 8K video, virtual and augmented reality, telemedicine, smart city applications and more. Areas connected to fiber will have the infrastructure to access these innovations as they emerge, driving economic growth for years to come.

Cityside Fiber’s considerable investment to construct an advanced fiber network countywide also has positive economic ripple effects in the near term. The company notes its commitment to being locally based and hiring and training residents to perform work as it builds to new areas. 

With the lights now on for the first fiber internet customers in Tustin and Dana Point, Cityside Fiber’s continued expansion should be considered excellent news for Orange County on the whole. The connectivity of the future is coming, and increased growth and opportunity are sure to follow.

For more information, visit www.citysidefiber.com.

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