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China Telecom Launches eSurfing Cloud in Brazil

China Telecom do Brasil (CTB) celebrates the launch of its first cloud service in Brazil. eSurfing Cloud is now available out of São Paulo, and it will provide businesses with the flexibility of accessing public and private cloud services, with the security of private cloud.

Growing Cloud Demand in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most active cloud markets in Latin America. The key LATAM market has high demand for the critical services that connect the region to the global market. Cloud adoption in Brazil has increased nearly 40% since 2019 and is expected to grow nearly 19% by 2033. While eSurfing Cloud provides customers with access to public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and edge cloud, its advantages in cloud-network integration, security, and extensive customization make it the choice digital transformation accelerator for businesses of any size.

“We are excited to bring our world-class cloud solutions to businesses in Brazil. Our eSurfing Cloud services deliver flexible and scalable solutions that can meet the unique evolving needs of businesses in the region. The launch of this new offering is our continued commitment to helping our customers achieve their business goals and succeed in today’s digital landscape.” – Luis Fiallo, the officer of China Telecom do Brasil

Connecting the Globe with eSurfing Cloud

CTB’s eSurfing Cloud services enable enterprises in Brazil to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies, with the added benefit of local support and expertise. With this new offering, businesses in Brazil can optimize their cloud environments, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, all while maintaining high levels of security and compliance. The eSurfing Cloud services in São Paulo will allow customers to connect on a global multi-cloud network of more than nine public cloud nodes, 30 proprietary edge cloud nodes, and more than 200 CDN nodes.

To learn more about China Telecom do Brasil, visit https://ctamericas.com.br/.

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