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China Telecom Americas MEF Podcast

China Telecom Americas Featured on MEF Executives at the Edge Podcast

From innovating to meet the evolving needs of customers in an increasingly globalized business landscape to the ways companies are fitting into this new landscape, a recent podcast examines the different roles telecom providers play in the global economy. The MEF Executives At the Edge Podcast explores this topic with Luis Fiallo, Vice President of China Telecom Americas, in the episode titled Transforming Telecom: New Technologies and Global Regulations. 

In the episode, host Pascal Menezes and Fiallo dive into the different technologies contributing to the shifting landscape. They also discuss the challenge of fostering international connectivity while adhering to different local policies. Telecom companies are the bridge connecting different parts of the world and that means more sensitive information is crossing borders into countries that may have different policies on data privacy and data sovereignty. Because their networks reach multiple countries, Fiallo emphasizes the importance of involving telecom providers in conversations around international data security. 

The episode also covers:

  • The role of SD-WAN in helping international businesses meet their needs
  • How advanced technologies like 5G, AI and IoT are requiring telecom operators to meet more connectivity demands
  • How advanced technologies are changing businesses’ international connectivity strategies

Check out the full episode here. Visit www.ctamericas.com to learn more about how China Telecom Americas is advancing global connectivity. 

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