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China Telecom Americas Discusses Brazil/LATAM on TeleGeography Explains the Internet Podcast

Luis Fiallo, Vice President of China Telecom Americas and officer of China Telecom do Brasil, recently took to the microphone to talk about Brazil and the Latin American markets. He joined TeleGeography Explains the Internet for a recent episode highlighting the importance of the region. An industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience, Fiallo has seen a lot of advancements in various markets in the telecom industry. He was happy to offer his expertise on what he sees driving advancement in Brazil and LATAM today. 

What’s in Store for the Cloud and Network Ecosystem in LATAM?

Fiallo talked with the hosts about a variety of factors driving growth in the region. One of the main factors is the strengthening relationships between companies in Brazil and China in particular. The number of Chinese enterprises doing business in Brazil has grown dramatically over the past decade to approximately 300 companies. More than 60 Brazilian companies are now doing business in China. Fiallo said these strengthening relationships are creating more demand for digital and cloud services. 

Other topics up for discussion included:

  • How the data center and network ecosystem has changed over the past decade
  • The importance of the BRICS Cable, a subsea cable that is designed to connect BRICS members Brazil, India, China, South Africa
  • China Telecom Americas and China Telecom do Brasil’s mission in the region
  • Developing markets within LATAM that lack new infrastructure

Fiallo also talked about the specific cloud and network developments he’s seen within China Telecom Americas and China Telecom do Brasil and how client demand is shaping the direction of the network’s growth. 

Check out the episode here! Follow China Telecom do Brasil on LinkedIn to keep up with the company’s Brazil happenings.

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