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Channeling Opportunities

Connectbase’s new Channel focused, The Connected World Express, enables the channel community to harness the power of Connectbase’s location-based knowledge of over 5800 network service providers, 16 million tenants, and 1100 network provider routes around the globe.

Connectbase has launched The Connected World Express, a product that is focused on the channel community with capabilities to enhance prospecting and the quoting of network connectivity. The product enables individual users from the channel community access to the power of The Connected World’s location-based knowledge of over 5800 network service providers, 16 million tenants, and 1100 network provider routes around the globe. This insight is essential to prospect with trusted data, identify service providers’ coverage and diversity, and fully execute a quote for services ranging from dark fiber to broadband connectivity.

“This new product is ideal for the channel community as well as any individual involved in network transactions. For too long, the industry has dealt with poor insights that don’t help sellers and buyers quickly connect with the right information to make the best decisions. Our company is built to solve that problem and this new offering enables the connectivity community to gain access more easily.” – Ben Edmond, CEO of Connectbase. 

The Connected World Express is now available via the company’s website: https://www.connectbase.com/the-connected-world-express/

 Product Details:

The Connected World Express – Essentials ($99 / user / month): A subscriber will be able to search any address within the platform either individually or in bulk and subsequently be delivered results on building-specific network provider information (both within the building and nearby). They’ll also be able to view over 1,100 fiber routes globally, and prospect with detailed profiles on more than 16 million entities – including their site information, cloud usage, and latest news.

 The Connected World Express – Advanced ($149 / user / month): Subscribers will enjoy all of the benefits of the Essentials package plus the ability to view products available by location and network provider, view product pricing by network provider, and easily generate a quote for one or more locations. They’ll also be able to leverage our exclusive Bid Management workflow to get pricing globally with specified requirements, due dates, and multi-configuration terms without needing to email or view responses in different formats to simplify the process to win.

 For more details, including ordering information, please visit: https://www.connectbase.com/the-connected-world-express/

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