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Calix Slashes Broadband Construction Timelines with Render’s High-Tech Platform

Speeding up broadband construction has never been more urgent. Consulting engineering company, Render Networks, has joined the Calix Partner Community by offering Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) service provider customers deployment cost savings so they can efficiently and quickly build future-proof fiber and wireless networks.

Render works with regional communications service providers (CSPs) across the U.S. and in multiple countries to cost-effectively build fiber and wireless networks and deliver broadband connectivity to more than 800,000 locations. As the newest member of the Calix Partner Community, Render brings a digital construction management platform that uses GPS, mobile technology, and automation to significantly improve network quality and cut delivery timelines by as much as 50 percent for some customers. With access to the Calix Intelligent Access EDGE solution, the Render partnership promises to deliver even greater efficiency to Calix customers throughout the network buildout process.

“Considering the influx of private funding through programs like RDOF, CAF II, and even strategic partnerships, underserved markets can now level the playing field and are aggressively building networks,” said Sam Pratt, chief executive officer for Render Networks. “Now is the perfect moment to bring together Render’s deep innovation expertise with Calix’s market-leading solutions.” broadband construction


Render and Calix are committed to revolutionizing network construction. Service providers now have everything they need to get their communities connected rapidly. Initiatives to build future-proof networks bring new learning, health, and employment opportunities to underserved communities.

Read more about the partnership here. Learn more about Render Networks at www.RenderNetworks.com.  


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