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Bulk Infrastructure

Bulk Infrastructure Talks Sustainability and Mega Trends with JSA TV

Focused on unlocking one of the few sustainable solutions in the data center industry today, Bulk Infrastructure Owner and Chariman, Peder Naerboe met up with JSA TV at ITW 2019.

Naerboe talked about the massive growth of data center capacity growing throughout the world and noted two mega trends – digitalization and climate crisis. Bulk is set to unlock the Nordic region where there is a huge surplus of renewable energy. By Bulk Infrastructureenabling data centers access to power that is produced by hydroplants located in the Nordic region, Bulk is on track to be a part of the solution that offsets carbon emissions. Bringing organizations closer to the Nordics through its recently announced Nordic Gateway, Bulk Infrastructure provides an on-ramp to the Havfrue subsea cable system.  The Havfrue subsea cable system is 7,200 kilometres and connects NJFX’s Tier 3 carrier neutral colocation cable landing station campus in New Jersey to Ireland and the Nordic countries of Denmark and Norway. Through the Nordic Gateway, organizations can access a robust network system supported by Bulk and its partners. It is a perfect launch point for the US market to go directly into the Nordic region to easily address capacity and dark fiber requirements. Bulk is building similar facilities in Norway and Denmark to enable increased opportunities for the European market. 

As noted by Naerboe, the Havfrue cable is the first transatlantic cable to go into the North Sea between the UK and Nordic region in n 20 years. Google and Facebook are key parts of this cable system. 

Watch the JSA TV video here to learn more.

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