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Bring Power To Your Equipment, Wherever Needed. Legrand Unveils the Series-S, Starline’s Newest Track Busway

Legrand has taken the versatility of its industry-leading track busway power distribution system to new heights with the release of the Starline Series-S.

The global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures saw the need for the performance, functionality and flexibility of Starline’s proven track busway technology in wet environments, dusty or debris-contaminated manufacturing, areas with sprinkler or splash-proof requirements, and outdoor applications. The result is the Series-S Track Busway, which boasts an IP54 ingress-protection rating.

“We’ve listened to the needs of our customers and have worked closely with our engineers to create a new kind of track busway that can do more for facility managers in all kinds of environments,” said Lance Sabados, VP and General Manager Starline Busway. “With the Series-S Track Busway, our customers now have access to flexible power distribution for an entirely new array of applications and environments. We are bringing the benefits of our proven track busway technology to more places so our customers, from general manufacturing and biomedicine to automotive manufacturing and electric vehicle supply infrastructure, can deliver the innovations that will transform our world for the better.”

Facility managers across many different verticals often face tight deadlines with limited time to complete projects and implement changes. The versatility of the Starline track busway system makes those challenges manageable because it can be configured however needed, eliminating the need for expensive pipe and wire solutions while alleviating the difficulties of working with tight floorspace and pre-existing HVAC and electrical systems. The IP54-rated Series-S changes the game because the same innovative features — including flexible mounting options — can now be applied to a variety of environments previously off-limits. The Series-S can streamline the powering process for all types of data centers where the need for more flexible (and high density) power distribution systems has increased, but it can also be used to power electric vehicle charging stations, indoor cultivation and other areas where water and dust may be present.

For over 30 years, Starline has delivered user-friendly, cost-effective and highly adaptable electrical distribution systems that support changing load locations in environments with limited space. The Series-S builds upon this legacy while still offering the features that Starline has come to be known for, including multiple mounting options, a continuous access slot and configurable plug-in units that can be connected and disconnected without de-energizing the busway.

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