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Simon Jesenko CFO

Breaking the Ice: Simon Jesenko’s Journey to Iceotope CFO

Simon Jesenko has recently been appointed the Chief Financial Officer by Iceotope Technologies Limited, a global leader in precision liquid-cooling technology. With a proven track record in scaling fast-growing international small- and medium-sized enterprises, Jesenko brings a wealth of experience to the growing company. His previous role at Senseye, a predictive maintenance specialist, involved overseeing the company’s acquisition and successful integration into Siemens, Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing company.

During his tenure at Senseye, Jesenko revolutionized the organization’s finance function. He focused on implementing SaaS-specific financial reporting and forecasting, adjusted pricing strategies to align with customer needs and market maturity, and established the necessary structure for rapid international expansion. In addition, Jesenko played a pivotal role in leading various funding activities, including equity and debt, which ultimately contributed to the company’s successful exit.

David Craig, CEO of Iceotope Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm for Jesenko’s appointment, emphasizing his accomplishments in preparing companies for corporate growth. 

“[Simon] joins us at a time when the market is turning to liquid cooling to solve a wide range of challenges,” Craig said. “These challenges include increasing processor output and efficiency, delivering greater data center space optimization and reducing the energy inefficiencies associated with air-cooling to achieve greater data center sustainability.”

According to Craig, Jesenko’s expertise in optimizing corporate structures and democratizing fiscal data will empower improved financial performance company-wide.

Jesenko acknowledged this pivotal moment in the market, driven by two significant factors:

  • Government sustainability initiatives and regulations are pushing companies toward adopting liquid cooling solutions. 
  • The increasing need for processing-intensive applications like AI and advanced analytics demands greater computing power, making liquid cooling an attractive solution. 

“My focus is going to be on delivering growth and financial performance that will increase shareholder value in the years to come as well as building a robust business structure to support this exponential growth along the way,” Jesenko said of his new position. 

Iceotope Technologies is renowned for its chassis-level precision liquid cooling solutions, capable of cooling the entire IT stack across various use cases, from hyperscale to the extreme Edge. By eliminating the need for fans and air-cooling infrastructure, Iceotope’s technology operates quietly, significantly reducing energy and water consumption. Additionally, the company’s solutions offer substantial cost reductions in the design, construction, and operation of data centers.

To learn more about Iceotope and its precision liquid cooling technology, visit their website at www.iceotope.com.

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