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Blue Danube Systems and Redline Communications Collaborate, Introduce 3D Beamforming in Private LTE/5G Markets

Blue Danube Systems and Redline Communications  announced today a strategic collaboration to deploy 3D beamforming solutions in Private LTE/5G networks. The combined product solution delivers angle beamforming solutions to the world’s most challenging RF environments and will be deployed at an existing industrial LTE site in Q4.

Redline’s baseband product and Blue Danube’s Coherent Massive MIMO radio solution can characterize and flexibly adapt to the unique radio characteristics and ever-changing footprint of industrial locations and still meet the latency and throughput requirements of deployed applications.

Connectivity can be challenging for industrial companies that need local connectivity and  operate in remote locations or temporary sites, such as mines, power plants, offshore oil rigs, container ports, factories and warehouses. It’s predicted that Private LTE for industrial and business markets will grow more than 3-fold between now and 2023, reaching nearly $70 billion in estimated annual revenue – adding new challenges and opportunities for these private networks. 

“Our worldwide industrial clients are operating in the most mission-critical, demanding, dynamic environments,” said Stephen J. Sorocky, CEO of Redline Communications. “With this collaboration, Redline accelerates the promise of an automated industry by supporting a ‘plug-and-play’ private LTE/5G ecosystem. We are excited to partner with Blue Danube to explore this potential.”

“We are just at the very beginning of realizing what is possible with our dynamic 3D beamforming solution in industrial applications,” said Mark Pinto, CEO of Blue Danube Systems. “We view the combination of capabilities from Redline and Blue Danube as a powerful advancement beyond what is available today. The commercial evaluation will serve as a catalyst for Private Network clients to further exploit the capabilities of industrial IOT applications. The proliferation of private LTE/5G networks due to the availability of the unlicensed CBRS spectrum is set to further accelerate the demand for agile networks.”

The companies have also announced plans for further research and development to advance integrated solutions to transform experiences in industrial deployments.

Blue Danube and Redline Communications are participating at Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles, California, October 22-24. Blue Danube can be found in South Hall, Booth 1051.


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