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Unveiling Bloom Energy's Series 10 Solution: Revolutionizing Data Center Power

Unveiling Bloom Energy’s Series 10 Solution: Revolutionizing Data Center Power

Bloom Energy, a leading provider of alternative energy solutions, is set to unveil Series 10, a groundbreaking solution that will revolutionize how data centers and businesses procure and utilize power. With a focus on addressing unprecedented energy challenges and bridging the gap to a net-zero future, Series 10 promises to transform the data center and business power landscape.

Join Bloom Leadership for the Series 10 Announcement Live 

On Monday, July 24th, data center industry professionals and enthusiasts are invited to join Bloom Energy’s live Series 10 announcement and event on LinkedIn. During this highly anticipated event, attendees will have the opportunity to be among the first to witness the unveiling of Series 10 and gain exclusive insights from Bloom’s senior leadership team and special guests, including:

  • John Chambers

JC2 Ventures Founder and CEO

Bloom Energy Board Member

  • KR Sridhar

Bloom Energy Founder and Chairman, CEO

  • Sharelynn Moore

Bloom Energy EVP, Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer

  • Billy Brooks

Bloom Energy Executive Vice President, Sales

Bloom Energy Series 10 - LinkedIn Live Event - Monday July 24
Register for this LIVE Event NOW!

Registration is now open, ensuring a spot at this historic Bloom moment.

More on Bloom Energy 

Bloom Energy has developed a range of product offerings to cater to the essential data center requirements effectively. Its supplementary power solution collaborates with on-site utilities, bolstering the facility’s power capacity. Seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure, Bloom can scale up power delivery in sync with demand alongside utility services. With Bloom’s segregated load microgrid, mixed-use facilities can separate critical IT operations from offices or other spaces, eliminating the need for the same uptime as an N+1 facility. While the utility services non-data center loads, Bloom handles power supply to the critical IT equipment and mechanical load. Alternatively, for complete independence from the utility grid, Bloom offers the islanded microgrid, operating off-grid with multiple redundancy levels and fault isolation. All of these innovations demonstrate how Bloom Energy is revolutionizing the way data centers meet their critical facility power needs.

Bloom Energy has positioned itself as a pioneer in fuel cell technology, providing sustainable and cost-effective power solutions. Their commitment to revolutionizing how data centers access reliable and affordable energy has garnered recognition within the industry. Series 10 represents Bloom Energy’s continued efforts to push boundaries and drive the clean energy transition forward.

Learn more about Bloom Energy during this JSA TV Live interview from the Datacloud Global Congress. 

Register Now to Learn About Series 10 by Bloom 

Discover the future of data center power and learn how Series 10 will reshape the industry. Interested individuals can register for the live LinkedIn event on July 24th at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST and join Bloom Energy as they unveil its groundbreaking solution.

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