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Big Data Exchange Announces New Connectivity Options Across Asia and Europe

Big Data Exchange (BDx), a content-exchange platform with data centers across Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and the U.K., is now offering global connectivity via BDx Federated SDN.

hong kong data centersBDx brings top-notch technology to its customers by bringing their data center assets together in a highly automated cluster stretching from Asia to Europe. BDx Federated SDN™ allows customers to take advantage of global connectivity through major carriers, combining it with BDx Armour™ for an extra layer of security. The BDx Single Pane™ portal integrates the customers’ physical and virtual infrastructure into an easily manageable hybrid ecosystem across the BDx cluster into third-party data centers and private and public clouds.

“We’re at a unique confluence of hybrid cloud adoption with its multi-cloud orchestration needs, acceleration of complexities in application architectures and doing all of it over a secure ecosystem. BDx aims to provide a platform where our customers can have a borderless unified view and management of IT workloads and resources. This is done seamlessly at a BDx data center or a public cloud with the ability to move workloads using the BDX Federated SDN. We firmly believe that this will provide our customers the unique ability to delineate their applications from the complexity of the underlying infrastructure in a secure manner,” says Sujit Panda, CTIO for BDx.

BDx plans to expand across the Asia-Pacific region as a carrier-neutral operator of best-in-class service. The company offers added security benefits via Box Single Pane at the click of a button.

All BDx data center and PoPs will be added to HGC International Marketplace with Naa-Services, allowing customers to order center-to-center highway, cloud direct connect services, colocation and other value-added one-stop hybrid IT services on-demand. The service helps corporate customers accelerate their digital transformation to capture attention conveniently via a packaged single stop by simplifying the network and service provision strategies to fulfill customers’ demands elastically.

“We are dedicated to bringing the holistic network infrastructure in a digital marketplace and customers can enjoy hyper-scale data centers and seamless cloud connectivity with high-quality connectivity across major carriers’ hubs, empowering customers’ edge in the digital transformation ecosystem,” said Ravindran Mahalingam, Senior Vice President, International Business of HGC.

To learn more about BDx, visit www.bdxworld.com.

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