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Becoming a well-recognized thought leader in a fast-developing market: 5 steps on how to stand out across Asia

JSA Account Director Jenn Spano has been named one of the Top 50 Most Influential Marketers in the World and has more than 20 years of experience supporting brands across the globe. With a background diverse in both geography and industries, she has led 360-degree campaigns for brands in tech, real estate, travel, communications and more. In this JSA Feature Article, Jenn shares key steps to build thought leadership in the fast-developing markets across Asia.

The common perception is that in order to become a thought leader in this industry, you need to secure speaking engagements at major events to be recognized. Although having the opportunity to speak in front of your target audience is great, it is only a part of it. There are many C-Level executives fighting for the same opportunities at a handful of shows, with a small number of available spots. Furthermore, gaining a speaking opportunity is only the beginning. Here are 5 steps to raising your profile as a thought leader in Asia and maximizing the impact of these opportunities.

Step #1: Begin with LinkedIn

In order to be perceived as an actual thought leader, it’s best to start with your LinkedIn profile. Consistently posting content that relates to your audience, or target audience minimum 2-3 times a week. The content can range from simple opinion posts, to sharing interesting articles with your thoughts, to writing long form content such as articles and e-books, just as long as you’re doing so consistently.

Pro tip: Create a calendar to keep on top of posting regularly.

Step #2: Build a follower campaign

Next step, build a follower campaign. Find like-minded people interested in your content by promoting your articles and e-books. What’s a follower campaign? This is an option available through social media platforms such as LinkedIn to push your content to a group of selected viewers in an effort to a) Gain views and develop interest, and b)  Get followers. This is a great tool that can be used for as little as $100/week.

Step #3: Submit your content for awards and publications (both industry and mainstream)

Doing this helps further your reach while delivering credibility to your message. Reach out and build relationships with the right editors, whether personally or through your PR agency (who usually already has the connection). This leads to a lot more opportunities to profile your work without bearing an additional cost.

Step #4: Seek our relevant speaking opportunities

Select speaking opportunities at events that are relevant, not just popular. Some of the more regional events will have a smaller audience, but the audience will be quality. Asia has some of the best bang for your buck regional events across established and emerging markets that deliver a more intimate setting to deliver your message.

Step #5: Promote via your social media channels

Lastly, promote your speaking engagements via your social channels. Have your in-house team, or appointed marketing agency create promotional content ahead of your speaking events with a save-the-date sign-up link and calendar reminder attached. Go one step further and add a Calendly link to schedule meetings with you while at the event. Go even one step further and boost your post to audience groups that may attend the event, or will follow you to view the playback after the event.

To learn more about how to elevate your visibility or for assistance in rolling out a thought leadership campaign and securing new opportunities, feel free to reach out to via LinkedIn or email!

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