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Ocean Data Centers in Singapore

BDx to Develop Ocean Data Centers in Singapore

BDx, the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Engineering (NUS Engineering), and Sembcorp Marine have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore developing groundbreaking ocean data centers in Singapore. This unique partnership aims to establish proof-of-concept and pave the way for offshore data centers to address land scarcity and energy efficiency challenges in the Lion City. In addition, this strategic alliance seeks to address the growing sustainability challenges facing the data center industry and environment.  

Under this MOU, each party will play a critical role to advance the development of sustainable ocean data centers:

  • BDx will provide the ocean data center arrangement as well as the technical proposal and operational strategy. 
  • NUS Engineering will supply its cooling technology along with metrics for meeting relevant energy efficiency targets.  
  • Sembcorp Marine will contribute an offshore platform solution.

On a Quest to Reach Data Center Sustainability Goals 

With sustainability at the forefront for data center operators, especially in Singapore, BDx entered into this partnership to combat climate change and provide an alternative, much-needed data center solution across the Asia-Pacific region, where it has emerged as one of the fastest-growing data center companies in the world. 

“Advancing the sustainability goals of our customers and uncovering new innovative ways to bring sustainability to the data center industry is becoming increasingly important for BDx. We have an ongoing commitment to this initiative, and we’re proud to work with NUS Engineering and Sembcorp Marine to begin the important work of creating a more sustainable future for our industry.”  — Braham Singh, CEO, BDx

As a leading global university, NUS is committed to developing solutions that promote environmental sustainability across different areas, including developing innovations for green data center operations.

“The growing demand for cloud computing, 5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things has intensified the need for high-performance data centers that can be operated in an environmentally responsible manner.” Associate Professor Lee Poh Seng from the NUS Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Executive Director of the Energy Studies Institute at NUS 

The Expertise Needed for Innovative Data Centers 

Headquartered in Singapore, Sembcorp Marine provides innovative engineering solutions to the global offshore, marine and energy industries. Committed to sustainability, Sembcorp Marine actively reduces its carbon footprint across its operations and develops innovative and green solutions to meet international standards, regulatory requirements, global environmental concerns and customers’ sustainability needs. 

“Leveraging our innovative design expertise for the offshore, marine and energy industries, Sembcorp Marine is excited to partner BDx and NUS Engineering to contribute to the sustainable evolution of the data center industry.” Mr. Wong Weng Sun, Sembcorp Marine President and CEO

To counter the increasing environmental impact of data centers globally, BDx, NUS Engineering, and Sembcorp Marine will also promote joint research and development activities of mutual interest and benefit in the areas of sustainable ocean data centers. 

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