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BDx Officially Launches Singapore Data Center

Big Data Exchange (BDx) officially launched its new Singapore data center (SIN1), located in Paya Lebar, Singapore, this week. The carrier neutral Pan Asian data center cluster acquired the facility earlier this year from Telstra. BDx officially opened its doors with a virtual launch. 

“2020 has been one intense year,” said Braham Singh, CEO for BDx, in his opening line to welcome the audience who logged in to watch the virtual launch from all corners of the globe. “Our Singapore facility becomes part of the BDx cluster in the midst of a pandemic,” he continued. “Our customers are moving large portions of their workloads onto their IT infrastructure and online, so it’s a perfect time to go live in Singapore, the third largest data center market in the world.” 

During the launch, Singh detailed why customers have found them different, saying there is an unmatched intensity to the way BDx operates. COO, David Kim, and CTIO, Sujit Panda, also discussed upgrades planned for the SIN1 facility and the newest suite of solutions that BDx has to offer. Attendees were also treated to a virtual tour of the data center. 

If you missed it, NOT TO WORRY! You can watch the virtual launch of the Singapore data center in its entirety here (be sure to stay until the very end to see Singh truly celebrate). 

The quick but thorough tour offers key points like proximity to landmarks, information on the number of generators and total capacity, thermal buffer tanks, a look inside the central control room and more. 

The launch of the Singapore data center closes with an appearance from the CEO of Acclivis Technologies and Solutions. The IT services provider was a Telstra customer and the CEO describes a smooth transition to now working with BDx. 

To view the Singapore data center virtual launch, click here. Learn more about BDx and its data data center solutions across the Asia Pacific region at www.bdxworld.com

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