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BDx Launches Flexible Data Halls in Nanjing to Meet Eastern China’s High-Density Power Requirements

More exciting news is coming out of the Asia-Pacific from Big Data Exchange (BDx)! On a mission to redefine data center power flexibility, BDx recently launched Flexible Data Halls in its high-density data center, NKG1, located in the heart of bustling Nanjing, China. APAC’s premier data center, colocation and hybrid cloud solutions provider already has this solution running in its other facilities across this sought-after region, including Singapore and Hong Kong. With the launch of Flexible Data Halls in Nanjing, enterprises throughout Eastern China can now meet their high-density power requirements easily and efficiently. 

More on BDx Flexible Data Halls 

BDx Flexible Data Halls allow customers to deploy varying power densities in their colocation spaces. By leveraging BDx’s intelligent power distribution systems, NKG1 can now support up to 10 kW cabinet deployments seamlessly as a default deployment requiring zero changes to the fit-outs. With data center sustainability at the forefront, this innovative solution helps navigate rapidly changing technology trends while driving efficiencies and sustainability goals.

“As the demand for connectivity in Nanjing rises, we remain committed to meeting growing power requirements as efficiently as possible. BDx Flexible Data Halls gives customers more control and the ability to plug and play for power and footprint scalability of up to 10 kW with our cutting-edge intelligent power distribution design, enabling seamless fulfillment of high-density requirements in the most sustainable way.” — Sujit Panda, CTIO, BDx

Asia-Pacific’s Leading Data Center for Digital Infrastructure 

NKG1, a Tier III, High-Density Data Center (HDDC), recently won the Model Data Center for New Digital Infrastructure in Yangtze River Delta Region for 2021 by the China Communications Industry Association and Institute for the Development of Central China. BDx’s Nanjing facility was also recently announced as a finalist for Data Center Dynamic’s DCD Awards 2021 in its Emerging Asia Pacific Data Center Development Award category. In addition, the company has been named a PTC Awards finalist

To learn more about BDx Flexible Data Halls and how it complements BDx’s robust portfolio of solutions, as well as BDx’s world-class colocation facilities across China, Hong Kong and Singapore, visit bdxworld.com. For the full announcement, click here


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