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BDx Virtual roundtable

BDx Examines How the Asia Pacific Region is Successfully Recovering from COVID-19

Cases of COVID-19 are still rising in areas of the world, but many countries in the Asia Pacific region have moved past the worst of it and are reopening their economies. While some countries are reeling from the effects of the virus, business leaders are looking to the APAC region as an example of how to thrive in the face of a global pandemic. 

Big Data Exchange (BDx), a carrier-neutral company with data centers in China, where the outbreak began, and across Hong Kong and Singapore, recently held a virtual roundtable to discuss how APAC economies have managed to successfully emerge from the pandemic. A Look Into Asia: Paving the Path Ahead addresses key elements that helped BDx and other companies in the region throughout various stages of the crisis, including:

  • How BDx’s proximity to the virus’ origins helped them prepare a business continuity strategy for themselves and their clients.
  • How BDx and other companies have adapted how they work, including using remote hands services and conducting virtual meetings and tours of facilities.
  • The implications the pandemic has on future investments for BDx.
  • The long-term effects the pandemic will have on the data center industry.

Check It Out 

The 60-minute executive roundtable also offers a look at BDx’s core services and addresses their strategy for expanding their network. Read more about the virtual roundtable and watch the full event here

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