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Data Movers Podcast with Braham Singh of BDx: Cryptocurrency, Emerging Across Asia, Renewables and Writing an Amazon Best Read Novel 

In another exciting episode of JSA’s Data Movers podcast, Braham Singh, CEO of BDx, discusses how through the course of this rollercoaster year, BDx pushed through the obstacles and came together to build the BDx brand, team, and the company’s Pan-Asian footprint. Filmed and recorded from his second home in Hong Kong, Singh also provides powerful insight into the future of data centers, including the importance of renewable energy and how his laser-focused vision has sparked innovation, including the development of the company’s digital platform, BDx 360°.

Crypto Space is on Fire 

The podcast begins with a timely conversation between Data Movers hosts Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and Evan Kristel about the state of cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin steadily making headlines, the two discuss how the epic increase in value is comparable to the 17th century’s Tulip Mania. With Elon Musk and global banks all-in on this crypto craze, should you buy, sell or hold? 

Tune in to the podcast now for Jaymie and Evan’s thoughts on this hot topic. Keep reading for more highlights from this exciting Data Movers installment.

On the Path to Becoming the Best 

Under Singh’s leadership, BDx is laser-focused on its mission of being the best at one thing and one thing only- housing IT infrastructure. As a young company, Singh feels that staying in this lane has steered some of BDX’s early success. Singh also points out that the covid-era and beyond will continue to drive the need for data centers as more consumers and businesses turn to the internet. 

As the discussion continues, Singh talks more about BDx’s strategic approach and how it enables enterprises and hyperscalers to scale across Asia, allowing BDx to remain focused on rising to the top of colocation and data center services. Singh also touches on the rapid shift to the public cloud and how, ultimately, this proliferation has translated into a demand for more data centers and ultimately more opportunities for BDx to shine.

To Nanjing and Beyond 

Building a data center is no small feat, especially amid a pandemic. To that end, BDx broke ground on its NKG1 data center in Nanjing, China, during the height of COVID-19 and nearly built the facility by remote control. With no members of its leadership team on the ground in Nanjing due to lockdowns, Singh touches on how through video conferencing, the project remained on track and the construction proceeded, despite facing major challenges. 

Between travel restrictions and safety concerns, the company started to innovate in new ways and developed its own platform, BDx 360°, to provide its customers with a holistic view into their infrastructure investments, while managing services from any location or device. 

A Look Back and a Look Ahead with a Storyteller 

Being in the industry for decades, Singh has witnessed many changes. One of the most significant changes he has noticed is the demise of telecom’s common rate. During the podcast, he also provides insight into how subsea cables became the arteries of the internet. One memorable moment of the podcast is when Singh discusses the advent of the internet and how today, anything and everything can be done online. 

As he looks ahead, Singh talks about the importance of renewable energy and how it holds the key to the future. The conversation also turns to the U.S. and its view on the topic and how the industry needs to work together across borders to combat the climate crisis. 

With a passion for storytelling, Singh let us in on his upcoming projects, including a Washington D.C.-based thriller. What’s more, he takes a deeper dive into his award-winning WWII novel, a captivating book that was rated an Amazon Best Read. 

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