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BDx Becomes SpaceBelt’s First Data Center Partner in Asia to Deliver Data Security-as-a-Service

Electrifying news out of Hong Kong! Big Data Exchange (BDx) and SpaceBelt Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Cloud Constellation Corporation, officially launched a partnership delivering secure data storage services through the Cloud Constellation SpaceBelt™ Data Security-as-a-Service (DSaaS) solution. This innovative collaboration makes BDx the first and only data center in Asia to partner with SpaceBelt on the expansion of its cutting-edge data security platform, offering customers access to SpaceBelt’s space-based secure data storage services. 

Cloud Constellation is the world’s first cloud infrastructure and data storage service based entirely in space. Revolutionizing the way data can be securely transferred and stored, Cloud Constellation deploys its patented SpaceBelt architecture by utilizing GEO partners’ satellites between the customer’s enterprise locations and the SpaceBelt LEO network. This state-of-the-art offering provides the most robust security possible by providing global isolation from an enterprise’s terrestrial infrastructure or government organization’s high value, highly sensitive, mission-critical data assets.

BDx delivers Data Security-as-a-Service

“We love bringing unique solutions to customers,” said Braham Singh, CEO of BDx. “Customers housed in BDx’s hybrid ecosystem that includes popular public clouds can now enjoy an additional layer of security while moving their data around the globe. Financial institutions should check out this solution.”  

This is just one of the many innovations that BDx provides. The company’s sophisticated solution suite, including BDx Smart Hands, is powered by artificial intelligence, and their world-class facilities were designed to meet the growing demands of today’s most discerning customers. The SpaceBelt technology will blast off in all BDx data centers across Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore when services launch in late 2021.

“Our relationship with BDx represents an exciting milestone for SpaceBelt Pte. Ltd.,” commented Cliff Beek, CEO of Cloud Constellation Corporation. “It is our first entry point into a fast-growing industry sector, and we are thrilled to align with BDx.”

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