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BCE Global-USA Advocates for U.S. Channel Expansion into Canada

In a rapidly evolving landscape, BCE Global-USA, a Bell Canada company, sheds light on the burgeoning opportunities awaiting the U.S. Channel within Canada. The leading broadband, IP and voice communications solutions provider shares key insights in a recent Channel Futures article.

The feature explores the symbiotic trade relationship between Canada and the U.S., Canada’s role as a tech powerhouse and the myriad opportunities awaiting American businesses within the Canadian market. Most importantly, as American companies grow their footprint within Canada, they will not only need essential connectivity but also a range of IT services and solutions, opening up the door to a vast, untapped market to serve.

Growth Opportunities Abound in Canada

American businesses continue to expand north of the border, taking advantage of the numerous growth opportunities Canada has to offer. In fact, trade between Canada and the U.S. is stronger than ever, with more than $1.2 trillion worth of goods and services crossing the border between the two countries. In addition, Canada has the second highest projected real GDP growth for 2023 and 2024.

With key industries spanning technology, finance, automotive and more, Canada presents a fertile ground for innovation and further digital transformation, spearheading advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotics. Canada boasts a highly skilled workforce, particularly in STEM fields, and cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal rival their U.S. counterparts in tech sector prominence.

An Untapped Market for Robust IT and Connectivity Solutions Grows

Nearly 60,000 American-based companies have already established offices or locations in Canada, but the potential number of prospects for the U.S. channel extends far beyond this, revealing a widely untapped market of businesses seeking robust IT and connectivity solutions. 

At BCE Global – USA, a Bell Canada company, we clearly see the wealth of opportunity that exists for the U.S. Channel. For those Channel members considering their Canadian opportunities, the trick lies in finding the right partner to drive their speed-to-market and help catalyze their growth. We have access to more than 180,000 miles of fiber spanning North America connecting 10 million businesses and homes. With access to 160 PoPs and data centers in Canada and the U.S., we can provide our partners with access to a highly resilient, extensive footprint that provides connectivity to key hyperscalers, cloud and other data center providers.” Ivan Mihaljevic, President at BCE Global – USA

Moreover, as businesses continue to adopt applications leveraging AI, ML, big data, and beyond, the demand for a trusted advisor capable of delivering consultative expertise and guiding them toward tailored IT solutions becomes paramount. That’s where the magic of growth unfolds. To learn more about BCE Global – USA’s connectivity solutions, visit www.bceglobal.net.

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