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BCE Global M&E

BCE Global Hosts Panel on US-Canadian Media & Entertainment Trends

Panelists include representatives from Lumen, Twitter and the Consulate General of Canada

On July 28, at 1 pm EST, BCE Global, a Bell Canada Company, will host the third event of its virtual roundtable series, titled “Connecting Hollywood North: Top Media & Entertainment Trends around Content Delivery.” In this virtual roundtable, visionaries with a wealth of experience from Lumen, Twitter and the World Economic Forum, as well as the Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles, will share their thoughts on how U.S.-based M&E companies can capitalize on the many opportunities Canada offers.

Topics that will be covered during the virtual event include:

  • Factors that led to a significant influx of U.S. productions into British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec
  • Understanding Canada’s place as a global leader in visual effects (VFX), video game production, animation and film production
  • Financial incentives offered federally and provincially for U.S. film producers
  • Technological trends impacting M&E companies with operations on both sides of the border
  • The three vital networking components – speed, quality, reliability – that M&E companies require to deliver content from the reel to multiple online consumer devices

To register for the event, click here.

Why Canada is a Choice Location for M&E

As a global leader in the areas of video game production, visual effects, film production and animation, Canada is an attractive market for media and entertainment (M&E) companies looking to invest. In fact, PwC forecasts the country’s M&E sector to grow to a total worth of USD$58 billion by 2023.

Canada is the obvious choice for investment from foreign film producers looking to grow their business for three key reasons:

  1. Financial incentives
  2. Continued growth in Canadian data center hot spots
  3. Exceptional local talent.

For example, the Canadian film or video production services tax credit (PSTC) allows producers from any country to enjoy a refundable tax credit of 16% of their qualified Canadian labor expenditures. As well, Canadian data center hubs continue to attract top cloud providers that many media companies lean on to store, manage and deliver reliable content. Hot spots in Montreal, Western Canada and the Greater Toronto Area continue to serve as a nexus between the cloud and M&E sectors. With skilled talent just north of the border, major Hollywood studios have set up divisions in Canada, enabling seamless operations between the two countries.

As always, the common denominator in getting content from the camera to the end-user device or film screen is network connectivity. The ongoing digital transformation of the M&E sector is incentivizing companies to search for network solutions that improve workflows, reduce expenditures, meet bandwidth requirements and enable a fast time to market. This virtual roundtable will address this overarching question for M&E companies of all sizes with a presence in Canada or considering a move north of the border.

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