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Baxtel Founder Eric Bell Discusses Data Center Trends and His Secret Dance Moves on Data Movers

Baxtel Founder Eric Bell Discusses Data Center Trends and His Secret Dance Moves on Data Movers

Eric Bell, Founder of Baxtel, joins JSA CEO Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and top B2B social media influencer Evan Kirstel on Data Movers, where the trio chatted through some of the top data center trends and booming markets. Baxtel, which Eric refers to as “Yelp for Data Centers”, is a powerful data center research tool focused on catering to those looking to purchase data center services. In the episode, Eric explains how Baxtel can be used to gather information from stats and numbers to news, photos and construction updates. 

As a data center industry veteran, Eric explains how Baxtel came to be. He has a unique mix of sales and engineering experience, which has given him valuable insight into what buyers are looking for, and motivated him to pick up his hobby of learning how to code. From this hobby, and the observation that at the time there was a lack of truly comprehensive data center industry databases, Baxtel was born. Now, Baxtel.com has an ever-growing audience of over 22,000 monthly visitors and facilitates purchase-motivated research within the data center industry.

What makes Baxtel unique is how granular you are able to get with your searches. Not only can you find data center locations by city or country, but by regions as well. Users are also able to access more information than simply a rundown of the facility’s stats and capabilities. Baxtel compiles news, construction updates, photos and more. And, all of this information is readily available without creating a profile on the site. Profiles can be used to save unique searches and compile personalized shortcuts to information and saved research.

To watch the episode in its entirety, where you will also learn about Eric’s love of dance and some insider information about activities in Colorado, click here.

To learn more about Baxtel, including advertising opportunities where you will intersect your target audience while they are on the buyer’s journey, go to www.Baxtel.com or email [email protected]. You can also follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

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