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Baxtel Debuts Self-Service Advertising Platform with Discount for ITW 2021 Attendees

Baxtel Debuts Self-Service Advertising Platform with Discount for ITW 2021 Attendees

Data center information resource Baxtel.com has unveiled a convenient self-service advertising platform where customers are able to quickly and easily purchase and deploy display advertising on the website. The portal streamlines the process of purchasing display ads by eliminating the traditional back-and-forth between advertisers and sales associates, allowing for a quick turnaround. ITW 2021 attendees are eligible for a 50% discount on their first ad purchase.

In addition to the cutting-edge ad platform, Baxtel.com offers granular searches that allow data center decision-makers to research data center locations by city, country and region. With an ever-growing audience of more than 22,000 unique visitors each month, Baxtel facilitates purchase-motivated research for data center industry leaders. The Baxtel website also goes beyond basic facility stats and capabilities. It compiles highly targeted news, construction updates, maps, photos, and industry events that empower data center leaders on their buying journey. 

“We are excited to release this self-provisioning portal to manage ad campaigns,” says Eric Bell, Founder of Baxtel. “The ad portal provides an e-commerce style experience that allows data center industry companies to increase the time-to-market speed with scaled efficiencies and unrivaled customer services. We listen to our data center leaders, who have expressed a need for more lead generation tools, which Baxtel is planning to roll out this fall to better connect buyers and sellers.”

To receive the 50% ITW discount ad pricing code, please email [email protected] or click here to schedule a meeting with Baxtel at ITW. You can follow Baxtel on Twitter and Linkedin to stay up to date with the latest news from Baxtel and the data center industry.

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