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Bandwidth IG San Francisco Dark Fiber Route

Bandwidth IG’s Third Dark Fiber Route in the San Francisco Bay Area Adds Critical Infrastructure to a Key Market

Bandwidth IG has launched its third dark fiber route in the San Francisco Bay Area. The new route is fully diverse and provides much needed fiber infrastructure from Santa Clara in the San Francisco Bay Area to the Great Oaks area of San Jose, one of the most concentrated data center routes in Silicon Valley. 

Silicon Valley remains one of the top data center markets in the world with approximately 300 MW of additional data center capacity under development, according to Cushman & Wakefield. The growth in the already dense market demonstrates the need for more dark fiber infrastructure to deliver data to and from critical data hubs. 

“With this expansion that connects Santa Clara to San Jose, Bandwidth IG becomes the go-to dark fiber provider with three fully diverse routes between Santa Clara and the Great Oaks area of San Jose. Santa Clara to Great Oaks is one of the most data-centric routes in Silicon Valley. We realized the imperative need of having multiple routes to keep up with demand and to provide true network optionality in the region.” Bruce Garrison – CEO of Bandwidth IG.

Bandwidth IG’s Commitment to the Silicon Valley Market

Since launching in 2019, Bandwidth IG has remained dedicated to meeting the digital infrastructure needs of hyperscalers, enterprises, and network operators access to newly built dark fiber networks. Bandwidth IG has built more than 200 route miles in the area, and the company has plans to build another 90 route miles this year, positioning it to become one of the most dense and diverse networks in Silicon Valley.

To learn more about Bandwidth IG’s networks and its diverse routes, and to learn more about the recently launched third route in the San Francisco Bay Area, click here

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