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Bandwidth IG Brings New Dark Fiber to Switch Data Center in Atlanta

Bandwidth Infrastructure Group (Bandwidth IG), is teaming up with Switch (NYSE:SWCH) to provide dark fiber for its Keep Campus in Atlanta. Bandwidth IG provides dark fiber for data centers and businesses. With Atlanta being one of the top data center markets in the U.S., the need for a reliable fiber network in the area is crucial. Underground fiber cables provide the network that allow business IT systems to transmit data. Many of the existing networks are several years old and aren’t built to transmit the kind of data that enterprises and data centers use today.Switch Data Centers

Optimizing Switch in Atlanta for High Performance Computing

Switch’s exascale data centers are designed to meet the unique needs of High Performance Computing (HPC). The data center environment requires infrastructure that can meet the data-intensive demands of the applications that manage the flow of data. With the rise of HPC, as well as the increased demand for more bandwidth driven by Artificial Intelligence, IoT devices and Big Data, the need for the high-quality dark fiber Bandwidth IG provides is also rising.

“Modern businesses require modern network infrastructure for tethering external data centers back to company headquarters or other critical locations where data is stored. While most of the networks out there are over 20 years old, our dark fiber networks are brand new and can easily meet the high standards of today’s digital enterprises.” – Jim Nolte, CEO for Bandwidth IG.

Bandwidth IG’s Atlanta Dark Fiber Network

Recognizing the need for a reliable and resilient network that can support modern data transmission needs, Bandwidth IG is building out a new dark fiber network throughout the Greater Atlanta area. Bandwidth IG’s Greater Atlanta network has more than 50 route miles and 93,000 fiber miles. Late last year, Bandwidth IG announced an agreement to provide high capacity connectivity options for enterprises and service providers at EdgeConnex’s Atlanta data center campus, ATL01 and ATL02. Bandwidth IG will continue working with companies like Switch to create connectivity solutions that meet the distinctive needs of HPC data center environments, including the advanced power and cooling needs, and more.

To learn more about Bandwidth IG and read the full announcement, click here.

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