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Bandwidth Featured on “This Week in Enterprise Tech”

The only API provider in the U.S. with its own nationwide network has the scoop on new 911 regulations for enterprise

Enterprise CPaaS provider Bandwidth was featured on the popular This Week in Enterprise Tech show recently. Thomas Ginter, Solution Engineer for Bandwidth, explained some major regulations that will be implemented on February 16th that will affect millions of enterprise companies across the U.S. Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act will change the requirements for businesses and how they manage their 911 solutions. Adhering to these new regulations is not only about being in legal compliance, but about protecting employees in case of an emergency. (For further explanation, watch this quick video.) 

There are three major components to the new regulations. The first is eliminating a prefix to any 911 call. That means no dialing ‘9’ for an outside line. In addition, the call must also go directly to a 911 call center. The second piece is notification. Every enterprise must be notified when a 911 call is being made from within their organization. That notification may go to a front desk, security team or other designated person. This way, the right people know that emergency services are on the way.  Lastly, the regulations call for a correct dispatchable location. That location starts with a street or civic address, but gets all the way down to floor, suite and even room number so that first responders know exactly where to go.

The regulations are complicated, and the deadline for implementation is fast approaching. Watch TWiET in its entirety to learn more, or skip to Thomas’ interview starting about 49 minutes in. Details about the new 911 regulations are available here. Visit www.bandwidth.com for more information.

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