AwareX Catalyst Project

Revolutionizing B2B Digital Engagement: AwareX’s Catalyst Project Unveiled

In a pioneering collaboration, AwareX, the frontrunner in digital customer experience solutions for the telecom sector, has joined forces with Gotransverse and Kloudville for a groundbreaking TM Forum Catalyst initiative. Titled “B2B Employee Digital Engagement Drives Lifetime Value,” this project is set to transform the way communications service providers (CSPs) cater to the needs of their business-to-business (B2B) clientele. The ultimate goal? To offer seamless experiences that eliminate inefficiencies, bolster satisfaction, and enhance profitability for CSPs and their customers. Details of the project will be unveiled at Digital Transformation World this week, scheduled from September 19 to 21 in Copenhagen. It’s here that AwareX, Gotransverse, and Kloudville, alongside project champions AT&T, Sri Lanka Telecom, and Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson, will present their innovative solution.

At its core, TM Forum’s Catalyst program represents a platform for industry collaboration. Influential players like AwareX, Gotransverse, and Kloudville come together to co-create solutions that tackle the most pressing challenges facing the industry. These projects receive strong support from key industry players, often service providers, who are committed to seeking solutions for the challenges they encounter. This Catalyst project is spearheaded by AT&T, Sri Lanka Telecom, and Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson, who have partnered with the presenting organizations to pilot these projects and assess the efficacy of the solutions. It’s not the first time AwareX has participated in the Catalyst Program. In 2019 AwareX partnered with AsiaInfo to deliver a TM Catalyst project championed by China Mobile and Telenor Group. In that instance the focus was on micro-segmentation for telco digital sales. 

Michael Matthews, Founder and CEO of AwareX, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating, “This Catalyst project underscores the digital engagement opportunities that CSPs can offer their B2B customers. By facilitating frictionless experiences for businesses and their employees, CSPs can enhance customer lifetime value. This is achieved by mapping intricate customer journeys that pertain to these enterprises and embedding them into the digital engagement solution.” Matthews further added, “Such an approach not only enhances the CSP brand but also boosts profitability. Collaborating with champions like AT&T demonstrates how this ‘business-to-business-to-X’ approach creates value for all involved parties. The ‘X’ here represents the employees of business customers, though in other contexts, it could be the customers of those companies.”

To learn more about the Catalyst project, click here. Or, to learn more about AwareX, visit their website here

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