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Kevin Hetrick

AT&T Executive, Kevin Hetrick, Is Now Strategic Venue Partners’ New Chief Operating Officer

The move enhances SVP’s ability to leverage its trailblazing “wireless-connectivity-as-a-service” model to redefine how businesses procure wireless network solutions.

Kevin HetrickKevin Hetrick, former Vice President of Radio Access Network Engineering and Construction at AT&T, is now the new Chief Operating Officer at Strategic Venue Partners (SVP), a leading provider of in-building wireless-connectivity-as-a-service. With a mission to transform America’s enterprise and venue landscape with fast, secure and bespoke wireless network solutions, SVP is betting big on Hetrick’s deep- seated expertise in engineering, designing and operating wireless infrastructure.

Headed up by founder and CEO, Justin Marron, SVP provides essential in-building wireless infrastructure services for a variety of enterprise partners, including healthcare facilities, hospitality, gaming, class A office space, mixed-use properties, high-end residential, retail complexes, sports/entertainment, airports, universities and public-private venues. But while the market for in-building and venue wireless network solutions is competitive, SVP is doing things differently with a disruptive model it calls “wireless-connectivity-as-a-service.”

SVP’s new COO, Kevin Hetrick explains: “I firmly believe that the in-building and enterprise wireless infrastructure market is ripe with opportunity for growth. With an entrepreneurial feel, SVP’s culture and value proposition are particularly compelling to me. Demand for wireless connectivity is growing, but implementing wireless solutions traditionally involves making high capital expenditures that come with uncertain future costs. With its unique wireless-connectivity-as-a-service offering, SVP removes the uncertainty of future technological changes as well as the financial burden and converts it to a highly affordable, stable operating expense that can even lead to new revenue streams for its customers.”

Before joining SVP, Hetrick worked for AT&T in a variety of management positions for 25 years. As VP of Radio Access Network Engineering and Construction, he was responsible for planning, designing, building and operating AT&T’s nationwide wireless network including 5G and FirstNET.

“Throughout his career, Hetrick has done significant work for AT&T on their national radio access network, with a strong in-building and venue space component,” notes Justin Marron, founder and CEO of SVP. “When it comes to wireless infrastructure, there is very little he has not touched or been a part of over his tenure. While he brings impeccable technical depth, Hetrick also possesses strong operational capabilities, which will bolster and streamline our ability to meet the fast-growing, mission critical enterprise demand for wireless-connectivity-as-a-service solutions.”

To learn more about SVP and how its unique business model frees up valuable human and financial capital so businesses can redeploy both into essential parts of their operations, visit strategicvenue.com.


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