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Ascent to Leverage Ledger8760 Carbon Tracking Platform to Reduce CO2 Emissions

As Internet usage skyrockets, carbon emissions are also on the rise, and data centers are a force in the production of carbon into the environment. To combat the amount of CO2 emissions produced, Ascent, along with three other data centers, are now enabled with Ledger8760. The 24/7 carbon tracking platform measures energy, emission and utility information, offering detailed data of their carbon footprints.

Boston Consulting Group GAMMA reported in a survey that if you combined the world’s smart devices, desktops and laptops, the emissions would total one billion tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. Additionally, they stated an estimated 30-40% error rate in emissions reporting.

Ascent and the three other data centers can now track how, where and when energy is consumed and with laser-focused accuracy via Ledger8760. The platform allows for tracking down to the hour, energy consumption views, how much electricity is generated, and more. This is significant, because it not only enables multiple data centers, but also their clients for an environmentally friendly and conscious future.

“Many data centers claim to be 100% green but until they are measuring 24/7 carbon intensity, it’s hard to back that up. We see too many companies get caught up in receiving inaccurate emissions data or not capturing it often enough, but through our 24/7 tracking technology, we’re enabling leaders to be less concerned with data gathering and more concerned with change, because you can’t change what you can’t measure,” said Adam Kramer, CEO of Ledger8760. “We’re excited to help these data centers create a new standard for their industry and enable customers to more easily access the data they need to reach carbon-free energy goals.”

“Ascent is passionate about measuring and managing our carbon usage for our own and more importantly our clients’ knowledge to better inform sustainable business decisions,” said Chris Cleghorn, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Ascent. “We’re thrilled to partner with Ledger to deliver real-time carbon emissions data efficiently and with the highest level of accuracy possible. We look forward to seeing the data come in and the action we’re able to take as a result.”

To read the entire press release, click here.

To learn more about Ascent, visit https://www.ascentcorp.com/Home/Default.aspx

To learn more about Ledger8760, visit https://www.ledger8760.com/.

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