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Ascent Secures New Dallas Data Center Tenant!

Ascent, a leading provider of customer-driven solutions in the development, engineering, construction and operations of data centers and critical facilities, has signed a new global electronics tenant to join its EF5-hardened DAL1 data center in Dallas, Texas.

The new tenant needed a data center with the appropriately protected infrastructure that had the ability to defend their data in the event of a weather disaster. As one of the country’s growing data center markets, Dallas brings its own set of unique challenges such as unpredictable weather including tornadoes, hail and heavy rain.

The DAL1 data center can withstand 360mph winds, and includes 15” reinforced concrete walls, a 13.5” reinforced concrete roof and an 8,000-pound blast door at the loading dock. The facility was built to handle an EF5 tornado and provides additional security integrations including sensors, biometrics and CCTV.

“At Ascent, we understand that the need for protection and flexibility are fundamental elements when it comes to our customer’s safeguarding their data,” said Phil Horstmann, CEO, Ascent Corporation. “We pride ourselves on the ability to move fast and effectively, which is exactly what we were able to provide to our newest tenant; quick action to support their deployments.”

To read the entire press release, click here.

To learn more about Ascent you can visit the company’s website  or book here for a tour of Ascent’s DAL1 Data Center.


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