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Archtop Fiber Acquisition

Archtop Fiber Acquisition Brings Digital Growth Opportunities to Northeast US

It’s an exciting time for the Northeast US! Archtop Fiber, a provider of multi-gig 100%-fiber internet and phone service to residential and business customers across the region, has just signed a stock purchase agreement with Hancock Telephone Company. This strategic move will bring digital growth opportunities to Delaware County and northeastern Pennsylvania – allowing more people access to reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly internet service.

Archtop Fiber is focused on delivering the fastest, most reliable broadband experience – with customer satisfaction at its core. Along with this is their commitment to innovating and expanding digital growth across the area – creating jobs and business opportunities along the way. This recent acquisition will help them continue to fulfill this mission.

But it’s not just Archtop Fiber that should be commended. Hancock Telephone Company has been serving the community since 1901 and has played an integral role in keeping up with technological advancements. They were instrumental in bringing their customers the latest technologies and top-notch service.

“We are deeply honored to carry on the legacy of Hancock Telephone, a company known for its
rich history, innovative spirit and outstanding quality of service,” said Jeff DeMond, Founder and
CEO of Archtop Fiber. “As an expert team of telecom industry veterans, we are proud to serve
the Hancock community, bringing more jobs and more business opportunities to all who live and
work here. We will leverage our decades of experience to continue innovating and expanding
digital growth across the area.”

“As a family-owned business since 1901, Hancock Telephone has played an important role in
this community, bringing our customers the latest technologies and the highest level of service.
For over a century, we have built our business on a solid foundation of hard work and a strong
dedication to innovation, taking great pride in what we do and the solutions we provide,” said
Robert Wrighter, Sr., CEO of Hancock Telephone. “Just like us, Archtop Fiber is committed to
delivering innovation and technology-focused opportunities to the families and businesses of
this vibrant area. With a wealth of experience partnering with communities and building world-
class broadband networks, Archtop Fiber is committed to bringing meaningful digital
transformation and opportunity to the region.”

For more information about Archtop Fiber and what they doing in the area, please read the full release here.

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