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Anova Financial Networks Featured in The Wall Street Journal: CEO Weighs in on Hollow-Core Fiber for High-Frequency Trading

Anova Financial Network’s was recently included in an article by the Wall Street Journal that details the technology, hollow-core fiber, that is being used by high-frequency traders in an attempt to acquire data and execute stock trades as fast as possible.

For those who may not be familiar, hollow-core fiber is the opposite of solid-core fiber, and is empty, made of glass, and transmits data via beams of light. The use of light makes the transmission of data extremely fast. With a fraction of a second of difference, the importance to high-frequency traders is extreme.

While hollow-core fiber isn’t new, originally introduced in the 1990’s, and technology such as lasers have been and are used by Anova, traders are still left with a fight that boils down to nanoseconds of time; critical for profits and losses.

Mr. Persico stated, “The time increments of these improvements have gotten markedly smaller.”

To read the entire article, click here.

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