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Anova Financial Networks Announces Wireless Services on 10GBPS Backbone Between Mahwah Direct to NY4

Anova Financial Networks has announced that it now delivers its proprietary wireless platform from Mahwah, New Jersey direct to NY4 located at 755 Secaucus, New Jersey. This corridor interconnects leading financial services and trading ecosystems and is of critical importance for U.S. equity price liquidity and discovery. 

This new network to NY4 is in addition to its current wireless services direct to NY5 in Secaucus. 

“What we’re most pleased about was our ability to leverage the backbone yet still go direct to NY4. This route is in keeping with Anova’s mantra of building geodetically-optimized networks for maximum client benefit,” said Mike Persico, Founder and CEO of Anova Financial Networks.

Anova’s additional route means that NY4 customers can utilize optimized market data and private bandwidth services without the intercampus cross connect from NY5 to NY4, as per the original design.

Anova’s patented Self-Healing technology will also be available, ensuring a fully protected service for customers across all weather conditions.

To learn more, read the press release here.

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