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Near Net service

Another Industry First for Connected2Fiber

Having just recently announced the industry’s first fully automated Bid Management capability, Connected2Fiber has just launched the industry’s first Assured Near Net service

Connected2Fiber’s Assured Near Net service delivers building proximity assurance for network sellers and their buyers.

Near net services are a core part of the connectivity industry that empower network providers to understand locations in close proximity to their existing routes and those networks that are under construction. Trusted knowledge of these sites enables service providers to make granular decisions around building and selling. Connected2Fiber’s Assured Near Net service will deliver the most trusted insight, mapping and assurance capabilities to maximize confidence in sellers when setting price and buyers when making purchasing decisions.

“We see the tremendous value in being the trusted source of truth for near net building identification in the industry. Our goal is to help service providers deeply understand location dynamics and communicate them in a trusted manner to clients in order to transform the customer experience and, ultimately, drive revenue growth.” – Ben Edmond, CEO & Founder at Connected2Fiber.

Connected2Fiber’s Assured Near Net takes the quality and reliability of data used in a right of way calculation to a new level, including guaranteeing accuracy of up to five nines with SLAs placed on the real world execution associated with each lateral. This model gives assurance to the seller in how they price their offering to meet expected returns, and gives buyers who see an Assured Near Net symbol the confidence to know that they can rely on the quoted price and execute their business without fear of fall out, an industry challenge impacting on average over 20% of all connectivity orders globally today.

 “Over the past five years, Connected2Fiber has made the investment in building best in class data, algorithms and a team passionate about digital transformation,” states Edmond. “The reality is that the world is not fully built with fiber today and won’t be for many years to come. This means that to effectively work, people have to deal with the construction process that extends fiber networks deeper, and by providing precision and assurance, Connected2Fiber will help the world better transact.”

For more information about Connected2Fiber and its ecosystem of hundreds of service providers building automation into their buying and selling processes, visit www.connected2fiber.com.


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