Vyve Broadband Offers Free Calling to Ukraine

Amid Europe’s Growing Humanitarian Crisis, Vyve Broadband Offers Free Calling to Ukraine and Neighboring Countries

Vyve Broadband is part of a growing, grassroots movement by American companies and telecom industry heavyweights, including, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, to support Ukrainian refugees and those affected by the ongoing conflict. 

Vyve has long believed that access to information, literature, scholarly articles, arts and sciences, entertainment, politics, and people (among many other resources) are the building blocks of opportunity. Core to this opportunity is access, and freedom. 

Support comes in many forms. Vyve Is offering its phone customers free long-distance calling to the countries of Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine for the month of March. Additionally, Vyve has set up phones in each of its 38 local offices across the U.S. that both customers and non-customers can use to make free calls to these countries.

Across the U.S., a growing number of companies are establishing a commitment to do what they can to aid the surging humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe. Already, close to 1 million refugees have fled Ukraine, which could be just the tip of the total diaspora. The European Union (EU) estimates that up to 4 million people could end up displaced by the Russian incursion, with many seeking shelter in neighboring Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova. With its strong history of bringing meaningful technology to the underserved, Vyve’s leadership felt compelled to act. 

“At Vyve, we recognize that the war in Ukraine is a global concern that is impacting real human beings both abroad and at home,” comments Andy Parrott, President and COO of Vyve Broadband. “By waiving charges for long-distance calls to the area, we want to support our customers as they seek to keep in touch with their friends, family members, and loved ones affected by this crisis.”   

To learn more about Vyve, visit vyvebroadband.com.

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