Going Virtual  OCP Announces Rebirth of 2020 OCP Global Summit

Amid COVID-19 Concerns, OCP Takes Its Global Summit Online

The OCP Virtual Global Summit Takes Place Week of May 11th

With the global health crisis surrounding COVID-19 and travel restrictions, the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) has rescheduled its 2020 OCP Global Summit as a virtual event taking place the week of May 11th. By going virtual, OCP ensures its attendees, exhibitors and sponsors can still reap the benefits of the Summit without potentially putting their health at risk.

The Virtual Global Summit will feature the key components of OCP’s Global Summit, including keynote sessions, executive tracks, an Expo Hall with Expo Hall talks, Engineering Workshops, the OCP Experience Center and the OCP Future Technologies Symposium. This interactive format will allow OCP to reach an even larger audience for Q&A, panel discussions, live chat and one-on-one connections.

“Our decision to reschedule the Global Summit as a virtual event was not one made lightly,” comments Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer at the Open Compute Project Foundation. “Ultimately, we decided it is the best decision for our community, and will allow all of the important networking and education that would have occurred onsite, in a much more convenient and safer environment. We are excited that we will be able to capitalize on the hard work our Members and Community leaders put into this event and continue to carry forward our mission.”

OCP Global Summit sponsors are being offered the opportunity to retain their commitments and transfer them to the virtual event without any upcharge.

Please visit https://www.opencompute.org/ for updates on the OCP Virtual Global Summit, taking place the week of May 11th.


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