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American Tower Launches Pittsburgh Edge Data Center

Businesses across the Greater Pittsburgh area can now take advantage of a low-latency edge collocation environment. This week, American Tower announced its Pittsburgh Edge Data Center is tenant-ready. An edge data center is a smaller data center located closer to the businesses and population bases they serve. By processing data closer to the end user in this way, organizations can process data faster. AmericanTower logo RGB 72dpi

A Timely Announcement in the Steel City

American Tower’s launch of the Pittsburgh Edge Data Center came during the same week as another important announcement made in the second-largest city in Pennsylvania. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden outlined details of an expansive infrastructure plan that includes technological infrastructure. As 5G and Internet of Things devices become more widely used by consumers and businesses across the commonwealth, the infrastructure provided by companies like American Tower becomes more critical to the success of businesses that rely on technology. 

“The vast combination of industries in the Pittsburgh area that require increased network elasticity and lower latency make our newest facility an ideal location for an Edge Data Center. The increasing use of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices within the manufacturing and healthcare industries is creating more demand for fast connectivity closer to the edge. The city’s emerging artificial intelligence and robotics industry will also heavily rely on the low-latency environment edge facilities provide.” – Whitney Pesot, Product Manager, U.S. Innovation for American Tower

More Details on American Tower’s Pittsburgh Edge Data Center

American Tower’s multitenant Pittsburgh facility is centrally located to give customers convenient access to their IT infrastructure. Additional features include:

  • 360 square feet
  • 8 customer cabinets
  • 20 quarter-cabinet lockers
  • 3 full cabinets that can accommodate up to 23 customers. 

American Tower recently launched a new channel program to support its six Edge Data Centers. 

To learn more about American Tower’s channel program and its edge data center solutions, visit americantower.com/us/edgedata or contact [email protected].

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