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With Access to Thousands of Previously Unknown Prospects – Alluvion is all in with Connected2Fiber

As the demand for connectivity continues to soar, providers are looking for better, more strategic, go-to-market data and insights…and finding it with Connected2Fiber. Connected2Fiber just announced that Alluvion Communications, a provider of bespoke voice, data, and fiber solutions, is the newest user of its Connected World platform.

Connected2Fiber’s Connected World platform provides unprecedented location-based data and insights (market / network / location / building / tenant etc) that empowers users to automate go-to-market processes around prospect discovery, deal identification, account prioritization, and product pricing. 

“The use cases that we envision for the platform are virtually limitless,” concludes Duncan Wiston, Brand Marketing Specialist at Alluvion Communications. “The world of connectivity, given its immensely competitive and cooperative dynamics, is going to increasingly be focused on location-specific dynamics, and Connected2Fiber’s platform will give us the advantage we need to capture market share in a variety of ways.”

The platform will specifically help Alluvion identify thousands of additional serviceable commercial locations, primarily in Arizona, and drive intelligence and automation into the prioritization and pursuit of those opportunities from both a wholesale and enterprise perspective.

“I firmly believe that when you align solid strategy that is rooted in a location-based mindset with the data and applications needed to execute on that strategy, growth will inevitably occur,” Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber.

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