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Airtel Bridgepoint

Airtel Partners with Bridgepoint Technologies to Expand Global Channel Partners Program

Airtel Business is teaming up with Bridgepoint Technologies to grow its Channel Partners program. This partnership will allow US enterprises who are interested in expanding into India and Africa to easily access and leverage Airtel’s many digital infrastructure solutions.

“At Airtel, we have massive network investments, a strong product ecosystem and a large customer base, especially in India and Africa. We are delighted to collaborate with Bridgepointe to extend our extensive suite of products to their customer base,” said Vani Venkatesh, CEO ─ Global Business, Bharti Airtel. 

Through this partnership, Bridgepointe will be able to offer all of Airtel’s products and services as part of its portfolio. This partnership will also maximize Nxtra by Airtel’s largest network of secure, scalable, and sustainable data centers in India offering services to several leading enterprises, hyperscalers, start-ups, SMEs and governments across the country. Nxtra’s commitment to sustainability and achieving net zero by 2031 will also be at the forefront of Bridgepointe’s outreach.

For more details, read the announcement here

To learn more about Airtel’s Global Channel Partners Programme, visit the following link.

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