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Ahead of E-Rate Build Season, Horizon and OME-RESA Show the Power of Partnership for EdTech

Ohio-based network expert and fiber optic partner Horizon is known for its dedication to partnering with local communities and businesses across the Midwest, delivering game-changing connectivity for the future of government, education, healthcare and more. Furthermore, as an E-Rate authorized service provider, Horizon’s ability to equip in-demand populations with rich networking capabilities shines in its decades of experience working with K-12 school districts and higher education institutions. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the company’s recent collaboration with OME-RESA, the Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency, is catching some attention. 

With their strategic collaboration, OME-RESA and Horizon now deliver high-speed, high-capacity internet access and robust networking to nearly 60,000 students across more than 50 districts in 10 counties — an impressive push that has yielded significant results. It didn’t take long for news outlets in the Buckeye State to pick up on the story, and for good reason. Adam Truex, Executive Director of OME-RESA, notes, “We are excited to say that, with Horizon, we’ve achieved 99.9 percent uptime in our currently covered districts, offering students and administrators uninterrupted, optimized digital education opportunities.”

As we head into the season when E-Rate builds begin to take off, this project delivers a powerful case study, revealing the power of dedicated network partnership in the pursuit of educational innovation. 

This project ensures students and administrators can leverage educational IT opportunities, and the presence of the expanded underlying network also paves the way for further enrichment of the local community’s connectivity. With robust network foundations in place, OME-RESA and Horizon now have the ability to further provision advanced, mission-critical services on behalf of residential and business customers in the future. 

“It’s often said that children are the future, and that’s a motto we stand behind — it’s why we do what we do. It’s why OME-RESA has been working with Horizon for the better part of a year toward the goal of connecting all of the school districts we serve to truly advantageous fiber networks. As we have continued to expand this connectivity, we’re proud to see firsthand just how much of a difference this enhanced networking makes,” adds Truex.

To learn more about OME-RESA, visit www.omeresa.net

To learn more about Horizon’s suite of networking solutions, visit www.horizonconnects.com

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